Negril Lighthouse


Negril Lighthouse was built in 1894 on the very westernmost tip of the island by the French company Bernard & Bernard. Standing proudly on a grassy stretch of land, this imposing structure is one of Negril's most famous landmarks. It is also the highest structure in the parish. In the daytime you can get a panoramic view of the surrounding countryside and the Caribbean Sea. In the evenings watch the sun set in a most spectacular fashion. It's one of the first concrete lighthouses built in Jamaica. Its foundation is a tank which is about 18 feet deep that is kept filled with water to maintain the reinforced concrete tower in the event of an earthquake. The tower is topped with a lantern and gallery The superintendent, will gladly lead the way up all 103 stairs for any bird's-eye view of the coast. No trip to the West End is complete without stopping by the Lighthouse Park to view the Westmoreland Parish from above

Local Flavour:
The locals will give you an informal tour of the light house for a small fee.

Famous For:
The Negril Lighthouse is famous for its bird's-eye view of the coast.

Don't Miss:
The automatic white-coloured light flashes on a timed interval every few seconds as a beacon for passing ships. The light had been initially powered by gas lamp and was replaced with solar energy in 1985.

Say Hello To:
The catamarans out at sea!