Liberty Hall

76 Upper King Street Kingston, JA

(876) 948-8639


One of Jamaica’s best known heroes, Marcus Garvey founded the Universal Negro Improvement Association (U.N.I.A) in 1914. Its aim was to improve conditions for Negro peoples worldwide. Its slogan, "One God! One Aim! One Destiny!", became a symbol of hope for the black race. The U.N.I.A’s constitution required each U.N.I.A. to have a Liberty Hall, which was its headquarters. Liberty Halls existed in New York, Panama, Costa Rica and Belize. Jamaica’s Liberty Hall located at 76 King Street, Kingston was the centre of activities for the Kingston division of The U.N.I.A. The two-storey building was the first meeting hall in Jamaica that was fully owned and operated by blacks. It was the home to plays, concerts, dances, elocution pieces, adult and children's choirs. Liberty Hall is open for tours and is a meeting place for activities, workshops and events celebrating people of colour.