Jamaica Music Institute (JaMIN) Tours

85 West Road Kingston, JA

(876) 619-8902


JaMin Tours offers an immersion into the history and culture of Jamaica with their special customized tours.

Trench Town: Birthplace of Reggae: Come, walk the streets of Trench Town; meet the people; see where the legends lived. Bob Marley, Bunny Wailer, Peter Tosh, Alton Ellis, Ernie Ranglin; these are some of the greats who called Trench Town, home. There is so much more than you already know. The community is rich with platinum and gold; stories to share with the world.

Learn fi Buss’ a Dance: Come to trench Town an’ learn fi “Buss’ a Dance”. Mento, Rock Steady, Reggae have spawned dances like Dinki-Mini, Brukins, Willie Bounce, Bogle, LOL and Afro-Beat. This is a participative and interactive experience in which you learn by doing; dancing up a storm to the rhythmic beat with your new Jamaican friends who are all too happy to help you learn the moves.

Wailers Tour: What are the odds of three teenage boys, meeting in a seemingly offbeat community; becoming friends at first, then later going on to become global superstars? Visit the Bunny Wailer museum, Peter Tosh museum and Culture yard where Bob Marley lived and made his music. Learn of their careers as individuals and as a group.