Bunker's Hill Cultural Xperience & River Tour

Wakefield, Trelawny, JA

(876) 370-2864


Get off-the-beaten path and into adventurous fun, tasty local food and authentic rural culture.

Learn about Taino, Maroon and local heritage. Hike through brilliant green rainforest. Climb up to caves used by runaway Maroon slaves. Savor local foods cooked the traditional way over a slow wood fire while taking in the peaceful and restorative river experience.

After friendly greetings and an introduction from Bunker’s Hill guides, look at rock markings of the Taino, Jamaica’s original inhabitants. Cross a bridge over a beautiful rainforest river to the jungle trail leading to Bunker’s Hill Cave. Along the way, learn about Maroon heritage, the community and the rainforest in a fun way.

Challenge your fitness climbing up to the cave. Follow the guides into the quiet darkness and marvel at stories of how Maroon warriors including the infamous Cudjoe used these caves. Return to the riverside restaurant to feed your hungry appetite for authentic Jamaican food cooked on woodfire while watching for the doctor bird or Swallowtail hummingbird at the feeders.

End the day with a massage from the natural jacuzzi in the cool river. Close your eyes, absorb the ambiance and take in nature’s freshness at its best. Exciting, Rejuvenating & Relaxing!

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