Boston, Portland is credited as the original birthplace of jerk cuisine and the first instances of jerk cooked for commercial sale in Jamaica. The area, just west of San San and Port Antonio, is still home to the original jerk pits which eventually became the Boston Jerk Center, dating back to the 1940’s.

Local Flavour:  
Boston is synonymous with jerk, which began as a method of cooking wild boar or pork. While in the 1940’s the traditional meal served in Boston was jerk pork and roasted breadfruit, today you can find many jerk dishes, both in Boston and around the island. Enjoy jerk chicken, lobster, shrimp, fish as well as fruits and natural fruit juices among other culinary treats.

Famous For: 
Not only is Boston famous for succulent jerk pork, it is also known for the Boston Beach, regarded as one of the best places to catch some waves in Jamaica. Surfing is limited to a handful of beaches in Jamaica, however those on the south eastern coast, like Boston Beach, are endowed with wicked waves due to the strong winds. Don’t know how to swim? Take a surfing lesson or come for the Makka Pro International Surf contest to watch the pros at work.

Don't Miss: 
The Boston Jerk Center is located just half a mile from the first jerk pit to exist in Boston. Today, Ivy’s Jerk Centre and Shaggy’s Jerk Shop are situated on the grounds of the 3rd and 4th jerk pits in the area’s history.

Say Hello To: 
DJ Sheppy, the resident disc jockey of the Boston Jerk Center, keeps the tunes going while visitors enjoy their meals. Be sure to stop by his music shop.