Copy of Calabash Festival

The biennial Calabash Literary Festival has returned to the Jamaican events calendar. Titled "For Word", the Caribbean's largest literary festival is scheduled for May 26 - 28, 2023 on Jamaica's South Coast.

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Cruising Safely

Lighthouses & Beacons

Jamaica has been identified by some as an archipelago complete with a main island and several smaller islands and cays. Jamaica also has many coves and inlets, sprinkled around the island with rock formations that may prove hazardous to the inexperienced navigator. The Port Authority of Jamaica (PAJ) maintains beacons and lighthouses at strategic points on the island to guide vessels safely to shore.

Lighthouses can be found at the following points. The structures are generally concrete or metal towers painted in white with some having additional red or blue bands.


Location/Name Parish
Plumb Point Kingston
Port Morant St. Thomas
Folly Portland
Negril Point Westmoreland
Lovers Leap St. Elizabeth

Several beacons and buoys, comprising metal frames and painted in white with green or red markings are erected close to shallows and ports to better guide sailors.