Montego Bay, the vibrant heart of Jamaica’s north coast, is an ideal destination for both relaxation and adventure. As the host city of the island’s premier music festival Reggae Sumfest, Montego Bay offers the perfect blend of musical excitement and tropical charm. Whether you’re a first time visitor or a seasoned traveller, here are some top things to do in and around Montego Bay during Reggae Sumfest.

Welcome to your personalized itinerary for exploring the beauty of Montego Bay for Reggae Sumfest. Embark on a journey filled with unforgettable experiences as we guide you through the highlights of this remarkable destination.This itinerary offers a blend of music, culture, relaxation, and cuisine. So, pack your bags, leave your worries behind, and let the journey begin. Your adventure awaits in Montego Bay, Jamaica!


Day 1 – July 14

Breakfast at The Pelican Grill

Indulge in a culinary journey as you excite your taste buds at the family-owned restaurant, Pelican Grill. Since its establishment, this beloved restaurant has been serving both locals and visitors - offering a taste of authentic Jamaican flavours in a charming setting. Enjoy scrumptious meals paired with refreshing beverages in a relaxed and welcoming atmosphere when you visit the Pelican Grill.

The Pelican Grill is the go-to place in Montego Bay for Jamaican, home-style cooked meals. Family owned…

Sumfest Family Fun Day

This vibrant event brings families, lovers and cultural enthusiasts together for a fun filled day of entertainment and unforgettable experiences. Enjoy activities throughout the day while soaking up live performances and indulging in delicious Jamaican cuisine.


Day 2 - July 15


Cinnamon Hill Great House Tour

Take a glimpse into Jamaica’s colonial past and explore the fascinating lives of its former residents when you tour the Cinnamon Hill Great House. With its rich history, scenic surroundings and stunning architecture visitors are in for a captivating experience.

Sumfest Street Dance

This event is set to transform the streets of Montego Bay with its electrifying atmosphere. Sumfest Street Dance brings locals and visitors together for a night of music, dance and cultural celebration.


Couple Dancing Port Antonio

Day 3 - July 16


Adventure at the Martha Brae River

Next stop is rafting on the Martha Brae River! This tranquil spot offers a natural blend of relaxation and scenic beauty as you glide along the river's cool waters on a bamboo raft with your tour guide. Nestled in the lush countryside of Montego Bay visitors, can expect to experience a serene escape.

Sumfest All White Party

A chic event known for its dress code and high energy atmosphere attracting celebrities, locals, international visitors and locals to celebrate reggae music and the cultural style of Jamaica.


Day 4 - July 17


Explore the Rich Legacy of Hampden Estate Rum Tour

Jamaica is famous for rum and what better way to kick start your itinerary than with a tour of one of Jamaica’s most storied and esteemed rum distilleries, Hampden Estate. This immersive tour showcases the art of rum making and delves into the heritage of one of the island’s oldest sugar estates. Lunch is also included in the tour with some tasty island favourites on the menu.  For those with a passion for fine spirits and a love of history this tour offers an unmissable experience.

Sumfest Global Sound Clash

This electrifying event showcases the high energy and creative spirit of reggae and dancehall music bringing top sound systems from around the world to battle for supremacy. You are in for a treat at this unforgettable event.


DJ at Geejam - Come Back Campaign

Day 5 - July 18


Sumfest Rumfest Blitz

Slated for July 18, 2024, Jamaica Rum Festival is one of the most anticipated celebrations on the island. Highlighting Jamaica’s rich rum heritage, this event offers an unforgettable experience showcasing the finest rums, delectable cuisine and vibrant rhythm of Jamaican music.

Day 6 - July 19


Let's Go to the Beach!

Make the most of your trip with a visit to the beach! Picturesque coastline, crystal-clear waters and white sandy shores are a few reasons a visit to the beach in Montego Bay is perfect. Try out water sport activities, soak up the tropical ambiance or simply relax by the beach with a drink in hand, Montego Bay offers something for everyone.

From long sandy stretches to crystal clear water and secret coves, our beaches are where you start your…

Reggae Sumfest  - Night 1

Time for the main event! Experience the star studded line-up with live performances celebrating reggae and dancehall music. This highly anticipated event draws fans from around the globe to witness the impressive celebration of music, fashion and Jamaican cuisine Reggae Sumfest.


Reggae Sumfest 2022

Day 7 - July 20


Shopping in Montego Bay

From duty-free shopping malls to serene art galleries, specialty shops and bustling craft markets, shopping in Montego Bay offers a delightful experience - a blend of cultural immersions and the thrill of finding unique souvenirs. Make the most of your trip and take a piece of Jamaica home with you.


 Main Street

Whitter Village Shopping Mall is the most ‘elegant’ shopping experience in Montego Bay and comprises…

Reggae Sumfest  - Night 2

The finale of Reggae Sumfest culminates on night 2 of a week’s celebration of Jamaican music. The festive atmosphere is one that is unforgettable with local and international live music. Enjoy a night of high energy music and captivating cultural moments.