To the south of Ocho Rios, hidden in the looming mountains, lie pools of crystalline turquoise waters, which beckon to you to take a leap and immerse yourself in promises of a cool and refreshing swim. Blue hole, often called Irie Blue Hole, this attraction is arguably the most visited, undeveloped tourist attraction in Ocho Rios, St. Ann. It easily holds its own against the region’s most noteworthy attractions in the eyes of tourists and locals alike.

With a series of turns and a keen eye, shrouded in a canopy of swaying trees you will find this gem. Once you get to Ocho Rios take the road to St. Mary, then turn on to the road to Exchange. At the gas station stay right continue along the road; go pass the Upton Golf Course. When you approach Lodge square, turn left onto the Thatch Hill Road and continue along this road.

On your right, you will see a JPS power station with a marl road adjacent to it. Turn onto this road and drive for approximately 100 meters and you will have arrived at the Blue Hole! You can only be sure you’re there when you catch a glimpse of the famed line of flags — specific to Jamaica, the United States, Canada, Lithuania, Colombia, and England.

Another name for the attraction, aptly called ‘Secret Falls’ speaks to said feature of the attraction, which in and of itself is secluded and also veils a hidden cave underneath its cascading streams. A mere 7 minutes away from the 20-feet deep pool of Blue Hole, is the secluded falls, which has remained quite untouched by modernistic designs. It boasts several small pools, a large main pool and a 20 feet high waterfall, famous for bold dives, jumps and body slams. On your way to the falls, you can stop for a refreshing snack of coconut jelly from a lone vendor, you both will be delighted. This rustic attraction, cloaked by lush green flora, filters in the ideal amount of sunlight for the perfect excursion; just ask your guide for a full tour.

With daring drops of 9-feet and 15-feet jumps and, up the top, a mud spa for back massages, it is no wonder this location has had a steady stream of visitors for a significant time. A favourite for about 11 years, social media and rave reviews online have driven more and more persons to see the beautiful spot in the hills of St. Ann, to see experience the thrills they see in the pictures.

Of the many features that give this hotspot its rave reviews, one comment was recurrent – they had a great time because they had a great guide. A standard fee of $15USD per person is a small price to pay for an exhilarating adventure. The lovely backdrop and adrenal inducing jumps come second to the excellent service offered by the tour guides on site, as they direct guests to the best drop site, advise them where to put their footing and help guests fall just a bit deeper in love with Jamaica.

With several places to practise daring dives, spectacular waterfalls to conquer and secret caves to explore, Irie Blue Hole is a thrill seeker’s very own circuit.