In the immortal lyrics of Morgan Heritage, “reggae bring back sweet, sweet love.” 

Reggae lovers from all over the world are drawn year in, year out to the cultural stylings of the Rebel Salute reggae festival. This family-oriented event is renowned for its respectable environment free of alcohol, weapons, and offensive lyrics. We’ll see you there Friday, January 19 and Saturday, January 20, 2023.

Music, Art, Culture

Rebel Salute’s venue was originally at Fayor’s Entertainment Centre in Manchester before moving to Brooks Park in the same parish, then to St. Elizabeth, before settling at its current St. Ann location at Plantation Cove. The breezy open space with a Caribbean Sea backdrop is filled with the powerful vibrations of quality music during the grand two-night affair.

Patrons step into an enriching experience while inside this Jamaican music festival. The heritages of both our island and the motherland of Africa are incorporated throughout the event in the forms of arts, cuisine, and of course music. As you stroll through the festival grounds, you’ll be captivated by the collective pride of the people: whether it be vendors showcasing their products, performers revealing their roots, educators sharing their views, or fellow reggae fans swaying under a melodic spell.

Like many Jamaica live show events, Rebel Salute is known to welcome the sunrise, ending well after dawn each day. Rock to the rhythm of reggae and other derived music genres inspired by its enchanting beats. The lineup typically includes dozens of artists, usually boasting more than 30 acts over two days. Whether you’re posting up on a foldable chair, cardboard sheet ‘reggae bed,’ or on the cool ground, soothing melodies may inspire you to abandon your seating to sway freely while singing from the heart.

Ital Cuisine

You can indulge guilt-free in healthy food and drink options that mirror the everyday meals of the Rastafarian community while at Rebel Salute. As we say in Jamaica, “ital is vital,' praising the benefits of an organic diet. 

The festival solely serves a vegetarian menu complemented by cultural roots rap. Strict policies by the promoters prohibit both the selling and consumption of alcohol as well as meat, with the exception of fish. Organic meals nourished with island sunshine and seasonings aren’t like those you may have had anywhere else. Like most things in the heartbeat of the world, it’s hard to find the same quality outside the island.

Rebel Salute’s Herb Curb

Jamaica has been renowned to produce some of the best quality marijuana worldwide for decades. Globally, marijuana has seen an increase in popularity in the last few years largely due to its steady decriminalization in various regions; and Jamaica is no different. 

In 2016, Rebel Salute was granted an exemption for the use of marijuana, which means that no one is subject to prosecution for possession of the plant while at the festival. This herb-friendly environment provides an ease of mind for visitors who wish to blaze their way to cloud nine. Herb enthusiasts are also able to participate in forums and seminars that highlight the health and economic benefits of marijuana, headed by international experts in the field.

Getting There

The journey to Rebel Salute is not far out of the way for either locals or visitors. Being less than two hours from both the Montego Bay and Kingston airports, and 15 minutes away from the Ocho Rios resort town, there’s little hassle to get there. Check out the multitude of affordable resorts, hostels, and bed and breakfasts in the surrounding area. While in town, explore the numerous things to do if you have the time.

Want a true backpacker experience? There is a camping area at the venue for travelers who wish to pitch their own tent. Create a personal comfort zone if you choose to camp in true festival style to rest and relax at your convenience.