How do you improve on perfection? So I mused upon hearing of the newly unveiled Beach Huts at GoldenEye in Oracabessa, Jamaica.


The boutique hotel with a storied history—originally the villa of James Bond creator Ian Fleming, bought by iconic Island Records founder Chris Blackwell and transformed into a 52-acre slice of heaven, the flagship of Blackwell’s Island Outpost properties—is, no hyperbole, one of my favorite places on earth. Golden-high, I call it. Everything about the unpretentious-yet-high-end resort, from the powdery beach to the deliciously lazy lagoon to the mystical “eye” pool hanging over the sea, invites guests to, quite simply, just be. And they can do so with a conscience: Blackwell’s Oracabessa Foundation supports a fish sanctuary and vocational training center, among other efforts related to local health, environment, education and sport.

Source: A Perfect Summer Getaway: The New Beach Huts at GoldenEye, Jamaica - Forbes