Highlight of Jamaica Inn and Attractions in Ocho Rios via The Epoch Times

Visitors to Jamaica may not be aware that this island just south of Cuba is the third-most populous anglophone country in the Americas, after the United States and Canada.

The high volume of tourists to Jamaica is of course great for the island’s economy, but anyone staying more than a day should look beyond the crowds and the all-inclusive resorts. What they will find is an island with friendly, well-mannered people and a diverse terrain that goes beyond just white sandy beaches.

Mountains, fields with grazing cows and goats, dreamy beaches, sugar cane and coffee plantations, and limestone quarries are as much a part of Jamaica as steel drums, rum drinks, beef patties (the national snack food), and the songs of reggae guru Bob Marley. Oh, and the expression “ya mon,” meaning “no problem” or “okay,” which peppers every Jamaican’s conversation.

With strong breezes and bright-blue skies, June is a terrific month to visit Jamaica before the humidity sets in during the hurricane season, which starts in July.

Jamaica Inn

What brought me back to Jamaica, which lies about 90 miles south of Cuba, was an invitation by the Jamaica Inn to experience a couple of days of Jamaican-themed activities and delectable food (the inn is a member of the illustrious Chaine des Rotisseurs wine and food club).

Located in leafy Ocho Rios on the north coast, the inn’s eight-acre property has a private cove, an offshore reef, and footpaths throughout the grounds that are lovingly maintained—bursting with tropical blossoms and alive with cacophonous tree frogs at night.

It should be noted that the drive to the inn from the Kingston airport or the Montego Bay airport is a long one, about one and a half hours, but it takes you past different parishes (districts) and a variety of landscapes that can be enjoyed along the way. Be sure to ask your driver about meat patties and he may even stop off at his favorite roadside stand to get you a sample!

River Rafting and Rumology

One of several mouth-watering activities offered by the inn is the Shop and Cook Tour with the executive chef. Guests shop the local market in Ocho Rios and return to the inn’s kitchen for a cooking demonstration and food tasting. The gardener, Henry, is on hand to give guests a Spice and Fruit Tour, where you can see and sample the extensive offering of fruits, spices, and herbs that are grown on the property.

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