It has been awhile since I felt this excited about something… anything! The thrill of gliding on the high seas on a power boat got my heart racing with excitement. All I could think about was being surrounded by the blue azure waters of Jamaica, the lush scenery that lines the shores and the boat taking me to a place of relaxation, away from the mundane.

As a lover of boats, I was not going to let this opportunity pass, of being among the first to experience the new Island Routes Powerboat Tours. I had options, my boyfriend and I could either do it with a group of our friends, or we could make it more intimate by doing a double date. We decided on the former, because we wanted to maximize the fun.


We had a hard time making a decision on which of the five Powerboat tours to choose, they all had activities we wanted to do. For example, I went to Laughing Waters when I was a teenager, and I’ve yearned to go back since, especially after watching the Dr No movie again.  But then, my best friend always wanted to experience snorkeling along the Negril cliffs. I agree, this was a good problem to have, so we decided to pick-out-of-a-hat.

We agreed on the Ocho Rios West Coast Powerboat Adventure Half Day and the Ocho Rios was our playground for half a day. None of the eight of us had ever experience a powerboat ride, so you can imagine our conversations and how our imaginations got the better of us. All we knew was that it was going to be a great first experience for us to have together.

The boat was inviting and the rev of the engine definitely made us feel like we were on the cusp of an adventure of a lifetime. With all the formalities such as registration, temperature checks, hand sanitization and life vests on, we were off on our adventure.

2021 Black Friday IR

The vibe was amazing! The views were spectacular! It was certainly a different vantage point to experience Ocho Rios.  Our first stop was Laughing Waters, the famed location where Honey Ryder emerged from the waters in a white bikini as she mesmerized James Bond with her singing.   My bucket list was ticked. We couldn’t get enough of the waterfalls, doing Snapchat filters and Instagram stories. Each one of us tried to recreate the Honey Ryder moment to the delight of our male friends.

Back on the boat we powered on to The Cove Beach at Drax Hall. The wind caressing our skin in the warm Caribbean sun was a welcomed change from wintery days and gloomy skies. We frolicked on the boat and the host knew just the right Reggae and Dancehall hits to play to egg us on.  We didn’t realize how hungry we were until we got lunch at The Cove. The laid back ambience was welcoming as water from the beach splashed on our toes.

Our time together was memorable and deciding to makes those memories on the Island Routes Powerboat Tour was epic. Before the tour was done, we decided that we are going to do the tour again, and the next time my friend will get to snorkel along the Negril cliffs.

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