Carnival In Jamaica

When you think about Carnival, what comes to mind? Depending on who you ask, you might hear that it’s a time of celebration and eating all the animal products you can before lent begins (Yes, it’s a thing. Ask a devout catholic and you’ll see). However, someone from the Caribbean might gush about how it’s a day dedicated to elaborate costumes, feathers, lots of skin, Soca, fun, freedom; and if you have played mas before, I’m sure  you can populate this list with lots more adjectives (sound off in the comments!).

Carnival in Jamaica has all the elements of Carnival as you know it, combined with the infectious vibe of the Jamaican people, a sprinkle of dancehall and whole heap a partying; Seriously, Carnival events start from January and doesn’t stop until after Carnival Day. From breakfast fetes to beach parties, there are more than enough WEEKLY events to cure the severest of carnival tabancas* and hold you over until Sunday, April 28.

You can play mas in Jamaica’s capital- Kingston or in the resort area of Ocho Rios, St. Ann in the Ocho Rios Carnival and Road March.

The Ocho Rios Carnival will be held on Easter Monday April 22 at the Turtle River Park. You can stay tuned to their Instagram for details on their costumes and other exciting information when their band launches.

Carnival in Kingston has the main Carnival Day April 28 where you can jump with 4 different bands: Xaymaca International, Bacchanal Jamaica, Xodus Carnival, and the newest band on the Carnival in Jamaica scene– One World Rebellion.

Xaymaca International – ICONIC

Barely two year’s old, having begun January 2017, Xaymaca International has definitely earned their stripes in the Carnival scene, making a name for themselves among masqueraders and is quickly becoming a household favourite. With a team of talented designers, promoters and organisers, each with years of carnival experience under their belt, Carnival 2019 with Xaymaca International will be nothing short of ICONIC. Check out their website  to choose from more breathtaking costumes like these, and their Instagram for more information.

Bacchanal Jamaica – Invictus: Conquer Life

Bacchanal Jamaica has been credited as the pioneer of Carnival in Jamaica and rightly so, since the band co created in 2000, stemmed from the very first bands to host a carnival in Jamaica: pre

Xodus Carnival – Cosmopolitan:  The World in One Band

Also 2 years old, this band is a dream team (pun intended) of Dream Entertainment and YUMA (Young Upwardly Moving Adults) an established Band out of the pioneers of Carnival in the Caribbean- Trinidad and Tobago. They have dubbed themselves the biggest band on the Road and you’ll just have to be the judge of that this year. Check out their website to register for their amazing costumes and their Instagram for daily updates.

One World Rebellion

Launched just last December, the Band owned by Soca Power-couple Fay-Ann Lyons and Bunji Garlin bids revelers to join their Rebellion! Find out how you can register from their website and Instagram.

Downtown Kingston Carnival – Midnight in Dubai

Carnival in Jamaica 2019 also sees the return of the Downtown Kingston Carnival, whose carnival day is Easter Monday April 22. The festivities kick off at 12 pm on Glenmore Road (located between Elletson Road and South Camp Road) dancing through the streets of Kingston to the waterfront for the after party! A shuttle leaves 11 & 11:30 for the beginning of the parade. You can secure these awesome costumes for $10,000 with even more costumes options to be revealed.

Carnival in Jamaica is an experience like no other, come for the fetes and fall in love with our island while you’re at it. For more information on all the happenings, events and general information on Carnival in Jamaica visit our website and our Instagram Page!

*Carnival Tabanca: The feeling of loss and sorrow that occurs anytime outside of the Carnival season. Carnival Tabanca in Jamaica may occur anytime within the months of May through to October.