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Customs Clearance

Should you wish to make your event that much more special by including material and equipment, such as gifts or trophies, brought from abroad, you will need to apply to the Ministry of Finance for a waiver of customs duties and bonds. The Jamaica Tourist Board Groups and Conventions Department will be happy to help you through this process. 

Your application must be received no fewer than 20 working days before the date of shipment and travel. Almost all shipments will need the services of a customs broker.

You will need to:

  • Provide the name of the group, purpose of the visit, dates, number of people, ground operator, and group leader.

  • Supply complete shipping information, including airway bill and date of arrival in Jamaica.

  • Write a complete description of items to be shipped (including quantities), including approximate value and serial numbers. Where appropriate copies of invoices should be attached.


To access the Customs Clearance application form click here.


Application for Waiver of Duty Bond
Air Cargo/Freight valued at US$1000 - US$4,999.99 will require the completion of a C79 Form and may be cleared by your Ground Tour Operator. Shipments valued at over US$5000 will require the completion of a C78 or C25 Form as well as the services of a customs broker.

John Woolcock
Manager, Groups & Conventions
Jamaica Tourist Board

Margaret Clarke
Business Development Officer
Jamaica Tourist Board