NexGen Jamaica 

"Next Generation of Jamaicans"

The Jamaica Tourist Board will be launching a campaign to target young people of Jamaican heritage (the next generation) in the United Kingdom.  Aptly named ‘NexGen Jamaica this initiative will be launched at Jamaica House in Birmingham on Saturday August 6th, 2022. 

The campaign will focus on promoting Jamaica to the Gen Z and Millennial population within the Diaspora, sustaining its rich heritage and culture and will see the members themselves becoming ‘ambassadors’ who will encourage their counterparts to visit their roots as well as build a stronger connection within the community.  

The campaign will be ongoing and will target major cities throughout the United Kingdom with roadshows showcasing all that’s Jamaica. 

The launch event will be a sensory experience including a dance class to the latest reggae dancehall music along with Jamaican food and rum tasting.  There will also be information on how to open a bank account in Jamaica, invest and purchase property. 

The launch will be at 4.00p.m. after which the NexGen Jamaica cultural and heritage ambassadors will join the Commonwealth Games Watch Party starting at 6.00 p.m. to celebrate Jamaica’s 60th year of Independence from the United Kingdom as well as to cheer on our Jamaican athletes competing in the games. 

If you or members of your family or friends are within the age limit 16 – 40 and would like to participate in this campaign, please complete the form below.

Your information will be stored to share information such as special holiday deals to Jamaica as well as dates for our upcoming road shows.

The Jamaica Tourist Board is collaborating with Birthright Jamaica and will be designing a “NexGen Discover Jamaica” holiday package. Look out for more information.


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