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Reggae Style Mayfield Falls

Reggae Style Mayfield Falls

  Glenislay District, Negril, Westmoreland

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Walk along a bamboo stairway to wonderfuly manicured lawns, then head across the wooden bridge to a Rasta Village with huts. The heart of Reggae Style Mayfield Village and the magical world of Reggae Style Mayfield Falls awaits.

Trained tour guides will accompany you along the twists and turns of Reggae Style Mayfield River and share interesting stories of Reggae River, Reggae Style Island and the healing properties of the Reggae Plants.

Immerse yourself in 44 mineral pools and 21 natrual jacuzzis. Enjoy the rustic ambiance and homemade food and juices along with seasonal fruit. Listen to local folklores and experience local culture at Reggae Style Mayfield Falls.

Opening Times

Everyday: 8:00 am - 8:00 PM

Watersports, Waterfalls