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Art styles in Jamaica

Jamaica is a muse that has inspired talents for centuries

From sculpture to pottery and painting, Jamaica has some of the most talented artists around. Find out what has influenced our art, and how we’re inspired by our island.

In Jamaica, not only is our island bursting with color, from the misty mountain cliffs, to the tropical jungles and sky blue sea, but so are our people. Coming from all around the globe, with different customs, traditions and stories to tell, it’s no wonder we are creative in everything we do. This stands true in our art.

Our paintings, sculpture and pottery are amongst the best in the Caribbean. As we are so diverse, our artists work in a variety of styles, modes and forms, ranging from the academic to the self-taught, the surrealist and symbolist to the impressionist and social-realist. With classic and abstract forms influenced by Europe and America, and technique and color from Africa, our pieces are truly unique and varied.

Over the years, we’ve produced some renowned artists, who we’re most proud of:

Edna Manley, sculptor and painter.

Albert Huie, landscape painter.

Cecil Baugh, master potter.

Kapo, prominent self-taught artist.

Alvin Marriot, realist sculptor.

Dunkley Barrington, internationally recognized artist.

David Boxer, internationally recognized artist.

Our art is everywhere you turn. From traditional galleries and museums, to roadside spots and inner-city walls.

When you’re in Jamaica, just look around and take in our work. Browse the galleries, wander the streets in search of new talent and be inspired. 

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