IMPORTANT: For residents of USA, Brazil, Dominican Republic, Mexico and Panama

  • All residents of the United States of America (USA), Brazil, Dominican Republic, Mexico or Panama who are 12 years of age or over, are required to present a negative COVID-19 PCR or Antigen test result to check in for a flight. NOTE: Residents of all other countries are NOT REQUIRED to present a test result.
  • Tests must be done by a medical laboratory that has a Clinical Laboratory Improvement Amendments (CLIA) registration or ISO 15189 certification.
  • The date of the sample collection must be less than 10 days from the travel date to Jamaica. Example: For a travel date of October 20, the earliest the test sample may be collected is October 11. Use the Test Date Calculator.
  • Samples collected using home test kits (ex. Pixel by LabCorp), along with antibody tests will not be accepted.
  • See the full COVID-19 test requirements here.

The items listed above apply only to residents of USA, Brazil, Dominican Republic, Mexico and Panama


Before travel to Jamaica, take the time to know the risk management initiatives and applicable quarantine orders that form part of the Controlled Entry Programme and how they will impact your visit.

Travel Authorizations


All persons travelling to Jamaica require a Travel Authorization document. A Travel Authorization is NOT required to book your flight. It is however a requirement for check-in and boarding and the airlines will not allow passengers to board without it. In order to obtain a Travel Authorization document, persons ordinarily resident in Jamaica (nationals as well as non-nationals resident by virtue of marriage, work permit, etc.) should apply at and non-residents at

Non-resident applications may be submitted anytime within the five (5) day period before the intended date of travel.

Special Note: All residents of the identified high risk countries of USA, Brazil, Dominican Republic, Mexico and Panama who are 12 years of age or over, will be required to present a WHO, PAHO or FDA approved COVID-19 PCR or Antigen test result to the airline representative at check in. The date of the test sample collection must be less than 10 days from the date of travel. See COVID-19 Test Requirements for details.

Travel Authorization Application Process

Register at the Travel Authorization portal by first responding to the question if you are a resident of Jamaica.

Enter your email address and request a One Time Password (OTP) which is sent there. You will have ten (10) minutes to use this One Time Password on the page. If you do not receive the OTP within three (3) minutes, please check your email spam folder.

Place the OTP in the form and Verify to start the application process. If the travel date is more that 5 days away you will not be allowed to complete the application and be advised of the date you may return to the portal to complete it. If the travel date is less than 5 days away, you will be allowed to proceed by submitting the traveller information and responding to a few health related questions.

All applications will be assessed immediately, with the outcome given onscreen and also sent to your registered email.

If the Travel Authorization is approved, you will receive the notification by email. You may also use the same registered email account and OTP process above to access your profile. Locate the application in the table on the first screen and use the option to download it from the Action column to save or print.

Note: You may also apply for other family members’ Travel Authorization but must indicate that you are applying for "Someone Else" at the appropriate stage in the application process. Please ensure that all the information provided is accurate and true. You will need to present the Travel Authorization in print or on electronic device at airline check-in, and for arrival processing in Jamaica.


Frequently Asked Questions

What information do I need for a Travel Authorization?

A one-time password will be sent to your email address which will allow you to register on the website. You will need your passport information, the name/address of your booked accommodation in Jamaica and to respond to a few questions about possible exposure to COVID-19.

When can I apply for it?

Applications may be submitted anytime within the five (5) day period before the intended date of travel.

Can I use any email address to apply for a Travel Authorization?

It is preferred that you use a non-corporate email address (ex. gmail, hotmail, aol, etc.) as depending on company security rules, corporate servers may have added mail delivery controls that may affect your ability to receive the one time password (OTP).

How long will the application assessment take?

An assessment response will be generated and sent to the registered email address within 5 minutes of submission of the application.

How will I get my Travel Authorization?

If approved, your Travel Authorization will be sent to the registered email address. You may also retrieve your non-resident Travel Authorization at, by responding to the question if you live in Jamaica and then log in using your email address. You should then see your approved application listed. Go to the far right to the Action column and download or save the Travel Authorization.

A Sample Travel Authorization

North Corridor