It’s time to come back to romantic.

Like the distinctive rhythm of the Jamaica's reggae one drop, romance is better unhurried. Stroll arm in arm down paths lined with orchids, then wind down with a dip in the turquoise Caribbean Sea. Take it slow. In paradise, there’s no need to rush.

Romance awaits you at every turn

As the world’s leading wedding and honeymoon destination, Jamaica is the ideal destination and perfect backdrop for the love you’re celebrating - whether toasting your anniversary, looking to rekindle the romance, or just starting your happily ever after - Jamaica is the perfect getaway to come back to a romantic state of mind.

Make the time to unwind together. Come back to relaxed under the expert hands of an award-winning masseuse at one of Jamaica’s world class spas. A couple’s massage in Jamaica is sure to melt away stress and stimulate the senses with tropical aromatherapy. Please your tastebuds with a private dinner in a cave or turn up the romance with a sunset cruise. Take in the natural beauty while enjoying a sumptuous meal with your partner. The fiery heat of jerk, smooth dark rum, and heady spices of Jamaican cuisine are sure to stoke the flames of passion.

Breathtaking views

Get a front row seat for the most spectacular sunsets at Rick’s Café in Negril, on the island's west coast, Rick’s Café is a very popular spot for couples and groups looking for entertainment, cliff diving, and delicious food. Live music performances keep the energy going all night long as the rhythms of reggae and dancehall mix with the sound of the waves against the cliffs. Cool Jamaican nights set the stage for magic at the dreamy Luminous Lagoon on the north coast. There, the bay is home to a special breed of marine plankton that emit light when disturbed. This natural wonder occurs in only a handful of places in the world. Swim in these magical waters and marvel at the enchanting glow of this once-in-a-lifetime experience.

With so many unique experiences to choose from, Jamaica is an undeniably romantic escape. Here, under sunny skies and shady palm trees, you’ll come back to yourselves…and each other.