Don’t Worry, Beach Happy in JAMAICA 

You’ve dreamt about it all year. The warm island breeze against your skin. The tropical scent of a crystal-blue sea. The fiery taste of pepperwood spice. Friends, it’s time to take paradise from a dream, back into a reality.  

In JAMAICA, it’s in our culture to take care of others. The health and wellness of our visitors and citizens is our utmost priority. We’ve implemented protocols that include social distancing, wearing of masks, hand sanitation, and required negative COVID-19 PCR or Antigen tests upon arrival. We’ve worked alongside JAMAICA Cares, a ground-breaking travel protection and emergency service program to provide visitors peace of mind. Plus, our Global Safety Stamp designation identifies JAMAICA as a world leader in tourism COVID-19 management.  

Now, here are a few ways to beach happy during your holiday in JAMAICA.  

Feels Like Love

Feels Like Love

It wouldn’t be wanderlust without the lust of it all. If you have love in your sights, there’s something lovely for all romantics in JAMAICA. We’ve taken the fear out of falling for your special someone with thoughtful safety measures. Whether it’s a private place for just the two of you to quarantine, or our protocols for hand hygiene, social distancing, and wearing of masks in public spaces, your love is safe with us. If that honeymoon, wedding, or couples getaway is on the horizon, there’s no happier place than our world-class hotels and breathtaking natural backdrops for your happily-ever-after.


Sounds Like Paradise

Dance your way through the cultural capital of the Caribbean. All travelers must present a negative COVID-19 PCR or Antigen test before entering JAMAICA so that you can put your dance moves to the test safely. Naturally, our island is home of beloved reggae icon Bob Marley, but it’s also the birthplace of our world-famous ska, mento, rocksteady, dancehall, and reggae music. Social distancing requirements give you ample room to sway those hips as reggae music pulsates through you. Come and move under the moon with sand between your toes and breezes blowing through your hair. Sounds like paradise to us. 


Sounds Like Paradise

Taste Like Heaven

Tastes Like Heaven

 There’s nothing like the moment you taste fresh jerk on flavorful pimento wood, or the sound of an ice-cold Red Stripe cracking open a hot beach day. Our delicious seasonal fruits burst with flavor, and our deep earthy spices are a melting pot of culinary traditions. It’s safe to say Jamaican food is a feast for the taste buds. This is why our fine-dining restaurants, corner shops, jerk shacks, and fruit stands across the island have implemented thoughtful safety measures. From socially-distanced seating to hand hygiene and mask requirements, our only concern is if you can handle your spice.


Looks Like Vacation

For some, adventure means the thrill of climbing a mountain to catch the sunrise. For others, it means a chill afternoon sipping cocktails until sunset. If you’re attracted to JAMAICA’s awe-inspiring attractions, you can feel chill about seeking thrills with our safety measures. We have implemented Resilient Corridors to keep visitors and locals safe. This means that you may decide to leave your hotel haven to visit a set of approved attractions found here. You get to see our stunning attractions with fewer people and more safety.  


Looks Like Vacation

Soothes Like Sunset

Soothes Like a Sunset

 In JAMAICA, we pride ourselves on being at the forefront of COVID-19 safety with required negative test results, social distancing and hygiene standards, and Resilient Corridors that keep visitors and locals safe. We do that to give peace of mind. When you’re on a cycling tour or at a relaxing yoga retreat, you shouldn’t have a worry in the world. When you visit our world-class spas or sample our delicious organic farm-to-table cuisine, we want you to be in the moment. When in JAMAICA, get ready to nourish the mind, body, and soul. We’ll take care of the rest. 

Rolls Like a Wave

In JAMAICA, it’s in our nature to take care of others. While you’re soaking up shades of blue in our crystal-clear waters and exploring our rolling hills that end in sandy coastlines, know that we’ve got you covered. We’ve implemented high standards of health and safety during COVID-19, including protocols for social distancing, quarantining, mask-wearing and required negative test results upon arrival. If the safest place to be is outdoors, JAMAICA has the best of it to offer from our Blue Mountains to our Black River Safari. If you have a will, we have a wave. 




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