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Getting around the island

If you are after a more relaxed Jamaican vacation, use our transport services especially for visitors. We offer a range of carriage operators that are equipped with a fleet of well-maintained, air-conditioned cars, buses, coaches and luxury vehicles, each piloted by friendly and experienced drivers. We can guarantee that you will reach all your destinations in style.

Our drivers will not only provide you with a stylish and relaxing trip, but also one full of trivia. From our history and culture, to flora, fauna and other local facts, our drivers have been on seminars to be able to act as your tour guides too. They’ll even stop along the way to show you scenic spots, fruit stalls and popular restaurants - all allowing you to experience local delicacies, beverages and vistas firsthand.

All of our approved tourist transportation drivers bear a Jamaica Tourist Board (JTB) identification tag. Furthermore, all approved vehicles must adhere to strict standards, undergoing regular road fitness tests. As a result, we can safely say that our vehicles are always in the best condition, and ready to take you around our beautiful country, in style.


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