Independent Site Inspection

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The Jamaica Tourist Board is pleased to arrange an independent site inspection itinerary on your behalf. In order to expedite the process, please read guidelines carefully then complete the requested information at your earliest convenience. Ten (10) business days prior to travel date is required to process request.


  • Jamaica Travel Specialists only (maximum 2 person per visit). Guests are not allowed on site inspections.
  • Pick up & drop off must be at the same location (hotel where you are staying or cruise pier from which you disembark).
  • Airport transfers and/or transfers from one resort area to another are not permitted.
  • Site inspections cannot be arranged for date of arrival or departure.
  •  Properties requested MUST be located in the resort area where you are staying.
  • Only one (1) complimentary itinerary per trip.
  • ** Maximum 4 hotels per visit**
  •  Request must be received at least two weeks prior to your departure date.

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