Cockpit Country Adventure Tours/ Rockspring Cave Exploration

c/o Southern Trelawny Environmental Agency (STEA) Ltd. Falmouth, JA

(876) 393-6584


History, adventure and awe come alive as you discover one of the most pristine and culturally significant, yet little-known, parts of Jamaica. Listen to stories of how the Cockpit Country Maroon warriors used caves, camouflage and guerrilla warfare to defeat their British enemies. Come, explore and conquer the experience yourself. Guided by descendants of Maroons, you will explore the caves of Cockpit Country. Journey into the dark underground caverns of the Printed Circuit cave and become immersed in the quiet, eerie ecology. View the underground fresh water pool and nocturnal animals living a peaceful and unusual existence. See uniquely formed stalactites and stalagmites all displaying their magnificence. Feel the essence of your spirituality awaken in the meditation room and experience the serenity that only comes when you explore nature.