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Family Itinerary


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Breakfast at Leisure

Family Beach Day, Private Boat Cruise and Snorkeling Adventure – Get away from it all and relax on one of Jamaica's many private beaches. Feel the warmth of the Caribbean Sea as the gentle waves provide a fun day for the whole family. During the day, cruise along the Jamaican coastline while you take in the transitions in the shades of pristine turquoise waters. Bask in the sea mist and take the plunge as you snorkel at a nearby reef to admire the exotic underwater life. You and the family are in for a truly breathtaking experience.

Secluded Seaside Sunset Dinner – Let the sunset form the backdrop for the perfect dinner, as you create new memories with the ones that matter most.


Private Zip Line Experience – Fly high above a canopy of lush trees, exchanging laughter and reliving the fun moments. This thrilling experience provides one of the best vantage points for admiring the beauty of the Jamaican landscape. This is a must-do adventure for the family.

JAMAICAN Chocolate Workshop and Tasting – Participate in the art of making chocolate from some of the world's finest cocoa beans, which can only be found in JAMAICA. Jamaican chocolate has a smooth texture and is rich in cocoa flavours. It is locally blended and sustainably sourced. Discover the variety of local chocolates infused with exotic flavours like Jamaican Blue Mountain Coffee, scotch bonnet pepper and more.

Private Outdoor Dinner Experience – As the sun sets behind the horizon, the warm orange and golden hues create the ideal setting for a five-course tropical meal the entire family will enjoy.


Private River Walk and Tubing Experience – Enjoy a guided tour through one of the country's relaxing rivers, feeling the rush as you slowly manoeuver through the rapids on a tube. Gaze at the beautiful cascading waterfalls and smell the delicate fragrances of the lush vegetation.

Farm-to-table Dinner Experience – When all your favourite fruits and vegetables are picked fresh from an organic farm, it makes a difference. The boldness of the flavours results in a delicious meal. Watch as your chef guides you through the process of selecting the perfect ingredients that will be used to create this memorable dining experience.

Last Updated: July 5, 2021


Family Bicycle Tour – Ride through the country's interior, passing through quaint communities. This family

bonding activity will energise you.

Seaside Picnic – A basket filled with sweet and refreshing fruits, as well as a curated selection of savoury items reflecting your entire family's favourites. No view beats a view of the Jamaican blue sea. Feel the refreshing sea mist as you take in the stunning scenery.

Local Artisan Workshop. Recreate sculpture carvings, pottery, or paintings to create unique art pieces. Follow the lead of these famous artists and bring a little piece of the Jamaican culture home with you.


Botanical Garden and Bird Sanctuary Tour – Take in the beauty of the exotic colourful plants that surround the gardens and observe nature in a new light. Stroll through one of the country's bird sanctuaries and spot the many birds up close, like the hummingbird. The 'Doctor Bird' - that is a unique hummingbird species only found in Jamaica - is truly fascinating, with its long tails and colourful wings.

Bamboo Rafting Experience on the Martha Brae – Explore the cool waters of the Martha Brae River and unwind as your personal raft captain guides you through the parish of Trelawny (birthplace of the fastest man alive, Usain Bolt). Enjoy an exhilarating swim in the clear waters, marvel at the exotic birds and flora, while you and the family soak up the warmth of the Jamaican sun. This experience will undoubtedly make you feel at ease.

Private Jamaican Food Pop-Up – This Pop-up takes your taste buds on an exciting and delicious journey through Jamaican street food in the privacy of your home away from home. Enjoy cuisine from some of the country's best chefs and restaurants. Hand-rolled Jamaican sushi, roasted salty Jamaican peanuts, jerk straight from the flaming grill, freshly roasted seafood seasoned with Jamaican spices, and a variety of authentic coconut desserts are just a few things on the menu to round out the night.


Breakfast at Leisure
Check out of your JAMAICA Luxe Collection accommodation
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