Luxury Trade

If you enjoy spectacularly diverse nature scenes, gourmet meals, and elegant hotels, Jamaica is the place for you and your luxury clients.

Jamaica is a beautiful island with many natural attractions including majestic mountains rising over the vibrant nation, lush rainforests, charming small towns, and big-city streets all surrounded by pristine beaches. We are known as the life of the party with a rich history and unique culture but also as the ultimate destination for relaxation and rejuvenation in the most beautiful environment.

Why Visit?

It's no wonder that Jamaica has built a reputation as one of the most appealing luxury destinations among affable vacationers from North America and Europe.

The key to our high rate of return visitors? It's the charm of our people. Only the most remarkable of nations could birth widely famous music stars, internationally acclaimed athletes, and renowned cuisine that has the power to influence the world. This charm is enthralling, new visitors come to find out what's the deal and repeat visitors come because they know.

The island speaks for itself. Its physical beauty is a big plus in an era when people are traveling for adventure, relaxation, and a change of scenery. What other celebrity playground has such wonderful beaches with soft white sand, clear warm water, and lush green foliage as well as a wide array of thrilling attractions and activities to explore?

Tour Jamaica

The affluent sport enthusiast will enjoy the many pristinely manicured golf courses that dot the island's rolling hills and coastline. After a rousing round, our lounges offer the best in fine wines, liquors, and cocktails, or a cup of our celebrated Blue Mountain coffee. 

One visit to our luxury spas will steep the fastidious guest in the ultimate ease and comfort. Offering bath salts, body treatments and exotic beauty products made right here in Jamaica, your mind and body will enjoy refreshment in nature. 

Our array of fine-dining restaurants ensure that the most exclusive palates are pleasantly satisfied and our award-winning rums will open their homes to you for a leisurely stroll through their slice of breathtaking nature. 

There are dozens of properties in Jamaica that boast five-star ratings from international hotel bodies. Whether you choose a luxurious ultra-all-inclusive experience or an exclusive boutique villa, you will be pleased with the many options your guests may choose from.

The island boasts multiple sprawling properties offering everything a guest can dream of within the tourist centers and many small villages that are well-loved by visitors. These traditional communities such as those in St. Elizabeth and Portland have tailored their local customs and experiences to offer guests the opportunity to experience authentic Jamaican culture.

There is a steady stream of visitors coming here because they enjoy Jamaica's charm, friendliness, good food, and music. Throughout the entire island, you will find luxury experiences and luxury properties tucked away in the mountains, along the sparkling coastline, or within the city limits for a truly unique and remarkable Jamaican experience.