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Breakfast at Leisure

Private Golf Excursion – Crafted by golf connoisseurs, enjoy one of the spectacular golf courses in the Destination fit for everyone from a beginner to a professional. Bask in the cool atmosphere with breathtaking views of the turquoise Caribbean Sea.

Beach Day with Watersports activities – No Jamaican getaway is complete without a day spent on the white sand beaches along the coast. Whether you decide to take a kayak along the pristine waters or go for a high adrenaline water activity like flyboarding and kite surfing, the experience will be worthwhile.

Farm-to-table Dinner Experience – Tour one of the many farms in the Destination and meet the farmers grow the sweet fruits and flavourful vegetables that make Jamaican cuisine one of a kind. After this heightened culinary experience, you are sure to spot the difference when these ingredients are used to create the dinner curated for you.


Start your day with a private spa experience with JAMAICAN limestone massage. Limestone is a calcium carbonate rock found primarily in the hilly interior of the Destination. This mineral is known for its perceived skin enhancing and anti-inflammatory benefits.

Swimming in the Blue Lagoon – Once thought of as bottomless, this widely popular swimming spot is an oasis of peace and sanity away from the hustle and bustle of city centres. Rejuvenate in the deep sapphire soothing waters as you leisurely swim or float in the dappled sunlight.

Private Island JAMAICAN Jerk Lunch – Delight your senses as you smell the rich aroma from the jerk sizzling on the pimento wood grill. Watch the masters of jerk cuisine expertly prepare your meal. Satisfy your palate with these unforgettable spicy and organic flavours.

Private JAMAICA Rum Tasting and Dinner – Rum is an iconic part of the Jamaican experience. JAMAICA’s terroir is the perfect environment for growing sugar cane, which adds to the unique bold flavours of legendary Jamaican rum. With hints of beautiful orange peel and spicy fruit aromas, sample the varying ages of rum as you listen to the history of the infamous estates.


Sunrise Yoga Session in the Garden – There is an infatuation with the Jamaican sunrise. The hues of reds, bright orange and subtle hints of pink make for an epic backdrop. As you start your day with an invigorating yoga practice, surround yourself in the fresh mist encircling the gardens and inhale the delicate smell of the lush vegetation that adds to the overall feeling of tranquility.

Ital Breakfast Experience – Ital is a lifestyle practiced primarily by the Rastafarian community that involves no meat, artificial seasonings, or salt, and is similar to a vegan diet. Revitalize and nourish your body from within as you savour a plant-based meal that connects you with nature.

Scuba Diving Adventure – Discover the many underwater gems as you make your way down one of the 100+ dive sites along JAMAICA’s coast. Colourful corals of all types, exotic tropical fish, and other exciting inhabitants of marine life make this a once-in-a-lifetime experience.

Private Beach Dinner and Bond Fire Dance Party – Indulge in a curated dinner, topped off with a selection of tropical flavoured fruit sorbets. Then dance the night away under the stars as you sway to the rhythm of the drums, pulsating with the beat of reggae.


Blue Mountains Hike with Jamaican Breakfast – The Blue Mountains, JAMAICA’s first UNESCO World Heritage Site, is a protected area with the country’s highest peak sitting at 7401 feet. Its pristine lush forest provides the perfect habitat for the country’s native plants and endemic birds. Traversing this trail will give you the perfect views of the Jamaican terrain. As you work up an appetite, keep your energy levels high with a delicious local breakfast.

Blue Mountain Coffee Farm Tour and Tasting – Explore the coffee farms as you learn more about the cultivation of the world famous Jamaican Blue Mountain Coffee. Taste the sweet and rich notes of Jamaican Blue Mountain Coffee and what makes it difficult to replicate. Its bold flavours are directly linked to the varying altitudes and natural soil that makes this a must do.

Waterfalls Exploration and Dining Experience– Cool down and refresh in the invigorating pools found at the many breathtaking waterfalls scattered throughout the country. Feel the rush of the cascades surrounded by lush flora and fauna. Dine on banks with the waterfalls as your backdrop while you feel fulfilled from the day’s activities.


World-famous Devon House Patty and Ice Cream tasting – Stroll the grounds of the historic Devon House as you treat yourself to a buttery-crusted savoury Jamaican patty. Then cool down your palate with Devon House I-Scream that is ranked globally as one of the best ice creams around the world. Try some of the exotic flavours such as Devon Stout and Guava ice cream, among others.

Botanical Gardens Tour – Explore the collection of endemic and exotic tropical plants, trees and more at one of the many gardens throughout the country. Feel at peace as you walk through the vibrantly coloured flora and well-kept landscape trails.

Private Art Gallery and Shopping – Feel a part of Jamaica's cultural experiences through the creativity of Jamaican artisans. The country's vast collection of galleries is dispersed across the country, with many of

them housed in historic structures with interesting histories. Art is displayed in a variety of mediums - wooden sculptures, stone monuments, watercolour canvases, and many more - creating a stimulating and enlightening experience.

Live JAMAICAN Cooking Demonstration and Dinner – Your personal chef will guide you through the process of incorporating layers of Jamaican flavours into everyday meals. Feel the firmness of the leafy vegetables and inhale the aroma of the spices that have made Jamaican cuisine iconic around the world.


Breakfast at Leisure

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