Negril 7 Mile Beach

Jamaica Luxe Collection

In JAMAICA, we see luxury as love for the authentic, the personalised and curated experiences; love for being one with the land; and, yes, love for oneself and knowing you deserve the finest escape possible. Welcome to the JAMAICA Luxe Collection -- our extraordinary hotels, resorts, villas, adventures and transportation. Immerse yourself in unforgettable encounters offered throughout JAMAICA, the Heartbeat of the World. Discover enriching ways you and your family can feel the pulse of JAMAICA, extending beyond our spectacular properties, to authentic cultural experiences. Ours is a destination defined by the people who make JAMAICA a warm and inviting place for everyone. Time and again, visitors return to our shores ready to let our joyous hospitality welcome them back. Whether visiting JAMAICA for the first time or you’ve come for decades, you are sure to discover new and exciting ways to savour our luxury offerings!

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