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For travel to the United States of America Only: 5-day isolation release protocols for Visitors

Scope: This protocol is intended to be applied to persons traveling from Jamaica to the United States (US) who tested positive for Covid-19, completed a five-day isolation period and met the requirements set forth by the US Centers for Disease Control (CDC) to travel to the US (henceforth referred to as “five-day release travelers”). The protocols are designed to mitigate risks to citizens and residents of Jamaica related to potential residual Covid-19 transmission while allowing travelers to return to the US.

Care should be taken when interacting five-day release travelers in any capacity. Hotels, guesthouses, and villas should plan to manage the following protocols on behalf of their five-day release travelers to manage their early release from isolation while helping to protect the Jamaican community and other travelers. If a hotel cannot accommodate the protocols, or a traveler is staying in a private residence, the five-day release traveler must be able to meet them independently or remain in isolation for the full 10-day isolation period.

General Requirements

  • Provide the five-day release traveler with a KN95, N95, or KF94 mask to be used throughout the journey.

  • Provide clear instructions that the mask must be worn from the point of isolation release to the point of arrival at his or her final destination.

  • Transportation to the Airport (MBJ or NMIA)

  • Ensure the driver wears a mask at all times.

  • Restrict the transport vehicle to 50% occupancy and inform the driver that occupancy cannot exceed this reduced level throughout the journey. Occupancy can exceed 50% in the instance that all travelers in the vehicle are traveling together and are part of the same party.

  • Ensure the vehicle has proper ventilation and where possible, windows remain open.

  • Wipe surfaces with sanitizer after transportation is complete.

At the airport
Five-day release travelers must agree to the following airport protocols:

  • Wear a KN95, N95, or KF94 mask at the airport from the time he or she enters the premises to the time the flight departs. Mask must fully cover the nose and mouth at all times except as directed by authorities.

  • Maintain strict social/physical distancing requirements, staying 6 ft. away from other travelers and employees within the airport.

  • Inform authorities of five-day release traveler status if a physical search is requested, or if a manual bag search is requested, so the authorities can take additional precautions with respect to sanitization before and after search.