Top Reasons to Choose Jamaica

Top Reasons to Choose Jamaica

Three International Airports: We may be a small island but we make it easy for you to get in and down to business. International airports are conveniently located in Montego Bay, Kingston and Ocho Rios.

Convenient Airlift: Jamaica is easy to get to. The island is served directly or through connections by most scheduled international airlines and several charter services.

U.S. Tax Treaty with the destination: Since 1981, Jamaica and the USA have been signatories to a protocol which provides a tax-deductible facility for persons who attend and incur expenses related to meetings, conferences and conventions held in Jamaica.

Expert meeting support from the JTB. The Jamaica Tourist Board (JTB) wants to help you to have a successful meeting! We will work along with you for Customs clearance and identify the appropriate agencies/institutions, on island to make your meeting flawless.

Accessibility: Jamaica is not just easy to get to; it’s easy to get around. The airlines serving the island are complimented by the availability of local charter services, modern rental car and tour bus fleets utilizing a network of new highways and roadways to keep you moving in the right direction. 

Variety of accommodations: The island’s diverse range of accommodations from intimate villas to sophisticated resorts with hotels and apartments in between, means Jamaica has that relaxing space for the most discerning traveller.

Variety of attractions. Our island’s unique topography and tropical weather give rise to beautiful landscapes and seascapes. The 120+ rivers spouting waterfalls, caves and nature trails complement other built attractions that provide excellent options for team dynamics, or to relax at the end of the day.

Language. English is the language of business and communication in Jamaica. The island has developed its own colourful “patois” – a combination of English, African dialects, French other languages that has come to envelope the island’s music and other creative cultural outputs.

Sophisticated Support Services: Whether it’s planning services, logistics, transportation, entertainment or special concierge services, Jamaica’s got it! Our travel partners are ready to help you plan your next meeting.

All year round tropical weather. In Jamaica we have neither Autumn nor Winter. We have instead beautiful tropical weather all year round, with not a hint of snow. It’s always a great time for meeting in Jamaica.

Modern Communication services. Stay connected and in touch. Service providers including translators, broadcast and presentation services, and integrated/sophisticated telecommunications facilities, are all available in Jamaica

Awesome Amenities: Championship golf courses, soothing spas, and gastronomic delights are only some of the modern amenities available on the island. Your clients can do it all, or relax and do nothing at all.

A heritage of excellent service: Hospitality is one of the hallmarks of Jamaica’s tourism and we love to make our guests welcome. We’ll work with you to give your clients and guests the awesome experiences that Jamaica is known for.