Errol Flynn Marina
Port Antonio Cruise Port

Port Antonio

Naturally sublime

Known for its picturesque twin harbours, Port Antonio is, from the approach of any water-borne vessel, simply lovely. The actor Errol Flynn fell in love with it on entry and described the area as more beautiful than any woman he had ever seen. We agree, and we’re sure you will too.

Once you make landfall at the Errol Flynn Marina, named after the swashbuckling actor, you’ll be home in Port Antonio, the smallest of Jamaica’s major ports. The attractiveness and intimacy of the port is enhanced by landscaped gardens and a promenade with views of the lush countrysides and the majestic Blue Mountains.

From the Errol Flynn Marina it is easy to go Rafting on the Rio Grande. This cargo vessel turned pleasure craft made from bamboo conveys visitors on a cruise from the foothills of the Blue Mountains to just before the Rio Grande kisses the sea. Explore Somerset Falls and its river cave or just laze in its cool pools. A visit to Charles Town where the descendants of the brave freedom fighters, the Maroons, still practice many of their traditional folk forms and cooking, is a must. 

Reach Falls is another of the area’s special waterfalls with stunning vistas and natural recesses. Don’t miss the screen-ready Frenchman’s Cove which has played backdrop to several feature films, travel documentaries and celebrity nuptials. Whether you’re spending time in port as a yachter or a cruise passenger, Port Antonio provides that secluded, intimate space where the real – people, experiences and nature – all come together to create the exceptional.