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Jamaica's Fun Facts

Photo courtesy of IMDB The Telegraph has collected a few pieces of Jamaica’s history in honor of the island’s 55 th Independence. Did you know that in the 1962 Bond film, Dr. No , Sean Connery and Ursula Andress took a dip in none other than the famous Dunn’s River Falls? But! Did you also know that…

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Usain Bolt and his Legacy

Usain Bolt is, without a doubt, the greatest sprinter of all time. Not just because of his running prowess, but because he is a well-rounded athlete that people can look up to, especially the people from his Mother Country. Coming from Jamaica that boasts a population of less than 3 million, the…

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Sportsmanship – Island Style

By Guest Blogger Warren Brown They say that good sportsmanship involves treating each other with respect. It is also about supporting one another, and helping to conquer someone’s athletic goals. I was introduced to the incredible power of positive sportsmanship during the inaugural Spinning® Escape…

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