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Fitcation in Jamaica: Actively Exploring the Island

Fitness is a big deal in Jamaica. Many visitors enjoy ‘Fitcations’ which are steadily becoming the go-to type of trip for those travellers seeking to maintain their healthy lifestyles while taking a break. For now, we look at a few of Jamaica’s signature events coming up later in the year when it…

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Sportsmanship – Island Style

By Guest Blogger Warren Brown They say that good sportsmanship involves treating each other with respect. It is also about supporting one another, and helping to conquer someone’s athletic goals. I was introduced to the incredible power of positive sportsmanship during the inaugural Spinning® Escape…

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Spinning® in Jamaica

By Guest Blogger Warren Brown I’m pedalling with no end in sight. As the sweat pours onto my bike, I fight every urge to give up. My legs hurt. Despite my fear of another hill, I keep pedalling. It feels like we’ve been at this for hours, but I’m sure it’s only been 15 minutes and if that’s the…

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