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Where to Eat in Port Antonio

(Via) Port Antonio is synonymous with serenity, sweeping vistas, and scrumptious cuisine! After you’ve spent an exciting day trekking through the rain forests or dipped into the Blue Lagoon for a quick swim, or explored Monkey or Navy Islands; this virtually untouched paradise has even more secrets…

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Experience Jamaica Beyond the All-inclusives

(via The Planet D) The Jamaican vacation you know is the one with the four S’s. You know… sun, sand, sea and swanky all-inclusive resorts. Which is well and good for the first time visitors to the island, this is an excellent introduction to the Jamaican culture, people and food in fine style no…

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What to Do in Kingston: A Visit to Belcour Preserves

Up the winding hill above the heat of Kingston to a white marker in the road, we were led on a downward path that ended at a gate surrounded by greenery, flowering plants and fruit trees. The fresh cool air of Irish Town at 9am awakened all six senses, including the one that foretells of a good…

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Where to Eat on Jamaica's South Coast

Smurfs Cafe – Ocean View Hill Drive, Treasure Beach This is one of the most loved breakfast place, in Treasure Beach, St. Elizabeth! Many tourists claim that ‘Dawn’s roasted coffee’ is to die for. The sumptuous food will not only have you coming back, but so will the experience, the atmosphere! The…

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The Name is Eye, GoldenEye

Photo of Lagoon Cottage courtesy of GoldenEye Megan Hallinan of Got To Be Gourmet gave an in-depth look at her stay at the famed GoldenEye in Orcabessa Bay. Swooning at the James Bond relation, Megan and her husband stayed in one of the Lagoon Cottages. Photo courtesy of GoldenEye “There were lots…

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Summertime Sipping Rums

The LA Times has put together a list of 7 sipping rums that with one taste will make you feel like you're relaxing at the edge of the sea. Two of these delicious rums are Jamaican homemade. The first is Appleton Estate Extra 12—and you can actually visit the distillery located in St. Elizabeth…

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Jamaica is the Ultimate Foodie Destination

Photo courtesy of Salvatore DiBenedetto (@thegrubfather) Jerk, chicken and Jamaica clearly go hand-in-hand. The island has always been a foodie’s paradise overshadowed by the gorgeous sunsets and 7-mile long beaches. In addition to a nice tan, why not take care of your taste buds as well? Ronda…

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Awesome Jamaica Adventures

Be honest. When you think about a vacation to Jamaica, you’re thinking about sitting on a beach listening to Bob Marley and eating something jerked. To be fair, that sounds amazing. But do you have any idea how many awesome adventures are available in Jamaica? Well, there’s too many to count. Lucky…

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