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A Jamaican Proposal

Jamaica is the island of enchantment, a place for the romantic to find dreamy vistas, and beautiful surroundings. From the seduction of nature to the elegance and intimacy of couples resorts, Jamaica has everything for those in love. It’s the ideal place to begin a new chapter together by proposing…

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Sportsmanship – Island Style

By Guest Blogger Warren Brown They say that good sportsmanship involves treating each other with respect. It is also about supporting one another, and helping to conquer someone’s athletic goals. I was introduced to the incredible power of positive sportsmanship during the inaugural Spinning® Escape…

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Winter Vacation Guide to Events in Jamaica

Hoping to trade snow for sand this winter season? There’s no better excuse to visit Jamaica now than these upcoming events. From local art and music festivals to golf tournaments and more, this Wha Gwaan winter vacation guide has something for the entire family. ONE WORLD SKA & ROCKSTEADY FESTIVAL…

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2016 Summer Festivals and Events

From world class athletes to internationally celebrated traditions and music, Jamaican’s never have trouble finding something to celebrate. Jamaica’s summer is jam-packed with live music, family-friendly entertainment, and the Islands legendary Irie vibe. KINGSTON ON THE EDGE URBAN ART FESTIVAL…

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South Coast - Part 2

We last parted at Appleton Estate where we were wowed with a wonderful tour and great Jamaican rum tastings. It’s time to hit the road again and take a leisurely drive toward some historical and culinary experiences, mixed in with a little adventure to make for some unforgettable memories. Yes, we…

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Town Guide: South Coast: Part 1

Jamaicans and “Jamaicans at heart” join me on a trip along the scenic, unspoiled landscape of the South Coast For many Jamaicans living abroad, it used to be that a trip home was merely a visit to reconnect with family and friends. Today, however, technology and social media have brought us closer…

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An Insider's Guide to Jamaica's South Coast

Discover the Quiet Wonder of Jamaica’s Hidden Oasis Renowned for its old world charm, secluded beaches and off-the-beaten-path allure, Jamaica’s South Coast is a veritable treasure trove of quintessential Caribbean culture. It is a region teeming with quaint fishing villages and elaborate Georgian…

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Travelers Can Check Off their Bucket List in Jamaica

10 of the Most Noteworthy Experiences Travelers looking for a memorable vacation before the end of 2015, or planning an adventure for 2016 can now look to our intriguing bucket list. Inclusive of both well-known and under-the-radar experiences, accomplishing this list will generate wonderful…

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