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Things to Do in Jamaica in March

Traveling to Jamaica in March offers plenty of captivating events to attend. March is home to the spring break holidays, the hottest athletic events on the local school scene, a crescendo of Carnival parties that warm up the soca crowd for the big parade, and of course a food festival or two. If…

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Experiences in Jamaica: Carnival

The excitement is palpable for Carnival with anticipation heightening after each passing day. As I tick off events, sometimes attending two in one day, I simultaneously make plans for a flawless Carnival day execution. My plans include shopping for carnival boots that perfectly match my costume…

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Things to Do in Jamaica in February

If you love love and love reggae music, then you’ll love traveling to Jamaica in February. February is celebrated as Reggae Month here in Jamaica with February 1 marking the legendary reggae icon Dennis Brown’s birthday and February 6 marks an even more famous legend’s birthday, the great Bob…

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Experiences in Jamaica: Dunn’s River Falls

The most famous waterfall in all of Jamaica, the iconic Dunn’s River Falls, is a must-visit when visiting the island of rhythm and spice. Jamaica isn’t short of rivers and waterfalls as at least one can be found in every parish, yet Dunn’s River rises majestically above them all. Plan to head out…

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Things to Do in Jamaica in January

January marks the end of the festive season but not the end of festivities in Jamaica! There’s an abundance of things to do in Jamaica in January for visitors escaping the cold winter months on our warm tropical shores. It all starts with celebrating the New Year at a vivacious family fair, spirited…

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Experiences in Jamaica: Rebel Salute

In the immortal lyrics of Morgan Heritage, “ reggae bring back sweet, sweet love .” Reggae lovers from all over the world are drawn year in, year out to the cultural stylings of the Rebel Salute reggae festival. This family-oriented event is renowned for its respectable environment free of alcohol…

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Experiences in Jamaica: Reggae Marathon

The annual Reggae Marathon by Running Events Jamaica is more than a race event, it’s an experience. The feel-good island vibes of Jamaican music, cuisine, and a white sand beach combine to add an extra high to your morning workout. This year’s event hits the shores of Negril on Sunday, December 8…

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Things to Do in Jamaica in December

The holiday season is an exciting time to visit Jamaica as spirits are high and there’s a lot to see and do. The air is crisp and light and the streets are bright with festive lights and decorations. The food is plentiful, menus take on a yuletide theme, and holiday parties happen throughout the…

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Boohoo in Paradise

Jamaica is indeed the ultimate destination for transforming your work into pure pleasure. Watch the @boohoo crew members as they mix a ton of adventure, excitement and sizzling fun into their photo shoot. The energy, the thrill, the vibe - all unmistakably #Jamaica, #heartbeatoftheworld. Global…

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Things to Do in Jamaica in November

November is an exciting time to visit the island of rhythm and spice. As we get closer to the holiday season, our event calendar bursts at the seams and becomes more diverse with a wide array of magical things to do. Here are some of the most popular events in Jamaica if you’re visiting just before…

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