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Downtown Kingston Cultural Doorway: Water Lane

As a regular visitor to Jamaica and a person who frequents the downtown sector of Kingston, it was a pleasant surprise to discover a recent transformation after stepping onto Water Lane right past the Burger King on King Street. As I turned the corner, I thought to myself, “This is perfect. This is…

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Adventure in the Sun at Chukka Ocean Outpost at Sandy Bay

Longing for vast open-air spaces, gorgeous views, and fast-paced adventure to fling me from what has become the humdrum of work-from-home and social distancing, I counted down each day until our visit to Chukka’s Ocean Outpost at Sandy Bay with the excitement of a toddler waiting for Santa. I told…

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Experiences in Jamaica: Chukka Ocean Outpost at Sandy Bay

Chukka Ocean Outpost - An Open Air, Nature-Adventure Paradise Every community needs a hub, a place where the action happens; where people unite to join the fun or simply be. This is Ocean Outpost, Chukka’s newly expanded seaside ranch and adventure spot for Western Jamaica. Nestled between shady…

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Experiences in Jamaica: Blue Hole

Blue Hole is one of those breathtaking water attractions in Jamaica that’s a favorite for both locals and visitors to the island. It’s a crowd-pleaser that has not been privatized, meaning it’s free to access and you’ll only be paying for your guide which you will discover is well worth the few…

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Experiences in Jamaica: Exploring the Green Grotto

Who’s up for a day of spelunking? Green Grotto Caves are so alluring in photos that I decided to brave the bats and the snakes and spend a bit of time exploring a slice of the mythical underground of Jamaica. I’ve been in a cave or two before, and there’s definitely an eerie tingling in the air as…

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Experiences in Jamaica: Port Royal

There’s a lot of mystery and fascination surrounding the sleepy fishing village of Port Royal. It’s a small town located at the very tip of Kingston, out in it’s own harbor, far away from the capital city’s flashing lights and busy thoroughfares. The charismatic town hides a dark and enchanting…

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Things to Do in Jamaica in April

Ahhh April. Spring is in the air, Easter holidays break up school and work schedules, and soca music blasts from every speaker ringing in the crescendo of the Jamaican carnival season. Jamaica isn’t a land of many seasons, but in April things start to get that much hotter and as temperatures rise…

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Things to Do in Jamaica in March

Traveling to Jamaica in March offers plenty of captivating events to attend. March is home to the spring break holidays, the hottest athletic events on the local school scene, a crescendo of Carnival parties that warm up the soca crowd for the big parade, and of course a food festival or two. If…

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Experiences in Jamaica: Carnival

The excitement is palpable for Carnival with anticipation heightening after each passing day. As I tick off events, sometimes attending two in one day, I simultaneously make plans for a flawless Carnival day execution. My plans include shopping for carnival boots that perfectly match my costume…

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Things to Do in Jamaica in February

If you love love and love reggae music, then you’ll love traveling to Jamaica in February. February is celebrated as Reggae Month here in Jamaica with February 1 marking the legendary reggae icon Dennis Brown’s birthday and February 6 marks an even more famous legend’s birthday, the great Bob…

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