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Reggae Has Reached International Heights

Howard “Flagga” Duperly, Miami radio host of Reggae Ride , sits down with Here & Now’s Jeremy Hobson to discuss new music that’s hitting the reggae scene. Many reggae artists cover famous top charters while putting their own unique spin on the track. Duperly shares covers of “Rush” by Karen Smith and…

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Feel the Rhythm, Feel the Rhyme—Jamaica, It’s Bobsled Time!

Photo courtesy of Rainforest Adventures Remember the 1993 Disney movie, Cool Runnings ? Where a group of unlikely Jamaicans band together to form the island’s first ever bobsled team. Whether you do or don’t, that story was based on true events! In 1988, Jamaica attended their first Winter Olympics…

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Fashion Models in Jamaica Carry Their Culture Everywhere They Go

Photo courtesy of @ChristinaKnight01 Vogue can’t get enough of Saint Models. In an exposé, these young women and men, discovered all around the island from St. Elizabeth to Kingston, explain their gratitude to Deiwght Peters, the founder of Saint. Most of them come from humble backgrounds, never…

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Where to Stay in Ocho Rios

Photo courtesy of Sandals Royal Plantation One of the biggest dilemmas about travel: where to stay? When the entire trip is left up to the importance of location, accommodation and relaxation—look no further. Ocho Rios is the ideal city for those who want to be pampered, but also adventure. Photo…

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The Name is Eye, GoldenEye

Photo of Lagoon Cottage courtesy of GoldenEye Megan Hallinan of Got To Be Gourmet gave an in-depth look at her stay at the famed GoldenEye in Orcabessa Bay. Swooning at the James Bond relation, Megan and her husband stayed in one of the Lagoon Cottages. Photo courtesy of GoldenEye “There were lots…

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Jamaica’s Paving the Way for Black Models

Photo courtesy of @NakiDepass According to Declan Eytan on Forbes, Jamaica’s leading modeling agency, Saint, seems to be the high-end ticket for black models. Boasting models who’ve appeared in campaigns for Valentino, Calvin Klein, and Balenciaga—just to name a few—Saint founder, Deiwght Peters…

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What Happened to Dub Music?

Photo courtesy of Kingston Dub Club Patricia Meschino walks us down history lane with an explanation of the rise, transformation, and resurgence of the genre that is dub music. Dub rose to fame internationally in the 1970s as music engineers played with, altered, and looped various instrumental…

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Summertime Sipping Rums

The LA Times has put together a list of 7 sipping rums that with one taste will make you feel like you're relaxing at the edge of the sea. Two of these delicious rums are Jamaican homemade. The first is Appleton Estate Extra 12—and you can actually visit the distillery located in St. Elizabeth…

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Jamaica’s Got Style Ova Fashion!

Photo courtesy of Reggae Sumfest Reggae Sumfest has come and gone, and we are counting down the days until the next one. Jamaica’s biggest music festival draws reggae lovers from all over the world to celebrate the famous genre. Damian Marley, Bounty Killa, Lady Saw and a bunch more graced the…

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