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"Cool Runnings in Kingston"

When you think about the island of Jamaica a few things immediately come to mind: blue translucent waters, the iconic reggae music of Bob Marley, and well, the islands affinity to ganja. When most people think about traveling to Jamaica their first thought in choosing a location is the North coast…

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The Zen of Hedonism 2

By Staff Writer: Lisa Adelle-Jondeau When one hears the words Hedonism, Negril and Jamaica strung together, whatever images, thoughts and beliefs that come to mind, I am sure they have absolutely no bearing on the word Zen. Zen on the other hand conjures images of mediation, Buddha statues and…

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Montego Bay, Your Gateway to Jamaica

Montego Bay, Your Gateway to Jamaica By Staff Writer: Andrea Chase Jamaica’s capital city may be Kingston but Montego Bay is indisputably its tourist capital. This year marks 36 years since Montego Bay, which has been steadily growing in popularity and stature, regained its city status which was…

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5 Unforgettable Days in Jamaica » Daily Mom

For many of us winter means cold weather, low temperatures and plenty of time spent indoors. Even if you’re one of those lucky families enjoying a milder climate during winter, we bet you’re still catching yourself daydreaming about summer already. If that’s the case, you’re in for a tre Source: 5…

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Jamaica: All we want to do is #TreatYouRight Welcome to Jamaica the Home of All Right where all we want to do is Treat you right. Song: "Treat you Right" by Daniel Bambaata Marley…

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