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A Culinary Experience

Surrounded by the aroma of earthy spices like cumin turmeric and ginger, mixed with the subtle sweetness of coconuts and fragrant vanilla, it is difficult to not indulge. Jamaica provides a culinary experience like none other, with a history flavored by ethnic groups from around the world. Curry is…

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South Coast - Part 2

We last parted at Appleton Estate where we were wowed with a wonderful tour and great Jamaican rum tastings. It’s time to hit the road again and take a leisurely drive toward some historical and culinary experiences, mixed in with a little adventure to make for some unforgettable memories. Yes, we…

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When Sugar was King

A food tour through historic Falmouth Q: For the travelers who have not taken a Culinary Tour before please give us an idea on what to expect if they were interested in taking your tour. A: Our food tours are designed to introduce visitors to the food of our country as well as the story behind the…

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