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  71 Lady Musgrave Road Shop #4A Kingston.

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Y.not.Pita was created based on the idea that people want a healthy alternative to fast food restaurants. A restaurant with great tasting food that is delicious, healthy, fresh and served fast. That’s why Y.not.Pita avoided the use of the heavy breads and buns, that has high levels of carbs and fat that today’s health-conscious consumers are trying to avoid.

Instead, Y.Not came up with its own baked Lebanese bread called Pita bread; it is very light and tasty. YNot vowed to fill them with only fresh stuff, leaner, savory meats that are grilled to perfection along a large choice of crisp, fresh veggies toppings, and a variety of sauces. YNot also bakes pitas every morning, so these exciting flavors could be all rolled into one fresh pita sandwich.

“Eat Healthy, Live Happy”