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Verney Tropical Resort

Verney Tropical Resort

  3 Leader Avenue, Montego Bay, Saint James

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Verney House Resort was constructed in 1953 as the private residence of a Gentleman named Vernon; lovingly referred to as Verney. The house was sold to Miss Gertrud Depess in 1957 who converted the property into the hotel that stands today. In part 1979 Miss Depess sold the hotel to her cousin Mrs. Kathleen Sterling making the Sterling family the second generation of the hotel owners. Shortly after taking ownership of Verney House Resort, Mr. and Mrs. Sterling made numerous improvements and upgrades to the property focusing on enhancing their guest comfort and tranquility. One of the major improvements to the hotel is the addition of the famous onsite Kit Kat Restaurant and Caters.

At the Kit Kat Restaurant; for their dining pleasure, guests can have a traditional Jamaican meal, or any dish imagined made to order. Two other additions to the property are the Tropical Garden and the Gazebo; both locations are now amongst the most sought after choice spots in Montego Bay for Weddings and other social events.

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