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Cricket, Lovely Cricket

The Gentleman's Game

From gentlemen decked in classic white to team regalia, cricket is in communities all over Jamaica. Take the afternoon off and watch a one-day, twenty-twenty or "curry-goat" match! You're bound to have a wonderful afternoon in the Home of All Right!



Cricket is enjoyed by a wide audience and is considered the second most important sport to Jamaicans, next to football. Competitive cricket events occur throughout the year with Sabina Park in Kingston being a cardinal cricket venue in the Caribbean, hosting many international games over the years.

On the world stage, Jamaicans have competed as part of the West Indies cricket team. Many of our celebrated players hold international records in the sport. At the regional level Jamaica’s first class cricket team continues the tradition of success.

Catch the excitement at Sabina for the Caribbean Premiere League T-20 competition (CPL-T20) each summer, as Jamaica plays against the top cricketing nations of the region. The Jamaica Premiere League, and other parish tournaments takes the action to a neighbourhood close to you.