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2015 September - Top 5 Jamaican Dishes to Try: Every year we celebrate November as Food Month in Jamaica, with lots of exciting culinary events like Restaurant Week and this year’s Nyam Jam Festival. Before the month begins, get ready to feast on scrumptious Jamaican food with our tips on the best dishes and local foodie spots!

1. Ackee and Saltfish – A Jamaican classic! Have it for breakfast, lunch or dinner. So good it is our national dish. Fresh colourful scotch bonnet pepper, organic onion, colourful sweet peppers are seasoned to perfection with Jamaican spices and sautéed together to give you a taste that welcomes you to our island. Have it with some of the island’s best ground foods such as yam and Irish potato.

2. Jerked Pork – seasoned inside out with our jerk seasoning and grilled over pimento wood to bring you a crunchy on the outside yet soft and tender on the inside taste that is just bursting with flavourful juices. It is an instant stimulation to your taste buds. We dare you to indulge and let loose.

3. Manish Water (Goat Soup) – loaded with everything Jamaican all combined in a flavourful liquid. Indulge in a historical soup that is still current for a reason. The spark of the scotch bonnet pepper and its glorious aroma will have you asking for seconds.

4. Jamaican Patty – come and see what the excitement is about. You cannot visit our beautiful island without sampling the famous patty. An impeccable combination of crunchy meets seasoned and spicy, this flaky pastry is filled with various types of meat, from beef to chicken, shrimp and lobster.

5. Run-down– a dish that tells the stories of our culture. Created by history and can be used as a dip or eaten with Jamaican ground foods such as yam, pumpkin and Irish potato. Salted mackarel is stewed with seasonings and coconut milk to produce a rich dish that’s full of flavour.

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