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Jakes Hotel

Jakes Hotel

  Calabash Bay, St. Elizabeth, Jamaica

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The relaxed beauty of the natural island landscape accented by vividly designed cottages is the defining visual aesthetic of Jakes. The resort’s winding beachfront property features a mosaic tiled sea-water swimming pool, paved pathways between rooms and to and from the beach, and shady, low-slung palm, ackee, almond, coconut and guinep trees that are complimented by aloe vera plants, pine cactus, desert rose and bougainvillea.

The property also has several intimate niches for sunbathing, reflecting or socializing with like-minded guests. The colorful, thatch-roofed buildings, comfortable lounging decks and fantastic oceanfront views make Jakes feel like a cloistered haven in the midst of an offbeat nirvana.

Guests are encouraged to treat their accommodations as a second home, and the staff as a second family. From your point-of-arrival, we invite you to settle into a unique island rhythm where sun-drenched days, star-filled nights and the ongoing soundtrack of the ocean will naturally renew and re-energize all aspects of personal well-being.